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"Alone Together" Artbook

2019, Mateusz Kolek's first solo exhibition in Hong Kong titled "Alone Together" curated by ZtoryTeller was a big hit. The series “Things I've Seen But I Didn't Have A Smartphone" documented his vision of a weird Hong Kong — Mateusz Kolek is used to traveling alone without a smartphone, and that made him a better observer, allowing him to focus on unraveling the city's stories. Mateusz Kolek believes being alone doesn't mean you're lonely, and he loves to record the moments when "lonely" people come and go. That is "Alone Together".
Three years later, ZtoryTeller and Mateusz co-published Mateusz's first solo collection "Alone Together", and held a solo exhibition "Alone Together 2022". The exhibitions in 2019 and 2022 might share the same name, but the meaning is completely different. "Alone Together 2022" Hong Kong is curated by ZtoryTeller, while "Alone Together 2022" Poland is curated by artist Mateusz Kolek and will be held in Krakow, Poland at the end of August - through two simultaneous exhibitions, they embody the idea of Alone Together: despite being forced into isolation, Hong Kong and Poland can still be connected through art.
Through Mateusz Kolek's delicate observation and brushwork, we have the opportunity to re-examine the beauty of Hong Kong: in the eyes of Hong Kong people, some may seem ordinary, but in Mateusz's eyes, it is as beautiful and breathtaking as a science-fiction movie. Each of Mateusz's works reminds us that there is beauty in everything around us, just like there must be a way out of the darkest place.